G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany

Today was a very special event, maybe a "once-in-a-lifetime"-opportunity for many spotters from all over the world to see some very interessting governmental jets in a single place.


The twenty richest countries come together these days for the G20 summit 2017. The weather was great on the day of arrival and so we had the chance to take hundreds of great photographs.


Todays' traffic: 7 Boeing 747-Jumbojets including Air Force One, Japan Airforce and Korean Air Force, 3 Airbus A310's from Canada, France and Spain as well as many more highlights such as a Vietnam 787-9.


The only thing we were sad about was the late arrival of Mexico's Dreamliner and the Russian fleet after sunset. All in all a great day of planespotting - enjoy the photographs :-)