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Thanks for visiting! On this platform I will give you an overview about my job as an air traffic controller as well as my passion in aviation as a planespotter. Take a look around and discover my planespotting-trips around the globe as well as my general aviation flights in Europe and the United States of America.


The idea for ATCpilot.com came from my wish to create an online platform for the exchange of information between pilots and air traffic controllers. Day by day there are situations on frequency, where pilots dont understand why they have to follow certain instructions given by ATC and controllers dont understand why a flightcrew reports unable for a procedure which was flown by a similar aircraft type just moments before. Since there is not always time on frequency to ask each other, I want you to sign up for free and build a worldwide community with ATCO's and pilots. That project only works with your help! Get it started :)


In my blog I will post updates of all my trips around the world as well as interessting aviation news. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram (@atcpilot_photography) and Facebook (ATCpilot) too, so you won't miss a thing.


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Air Caraibes Airbus A330-300

F-OFDF, seen at SXM 03/2017

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Watch my amazing Twin Otter experience from St Barth to St Maarten. Also make sure to subscribe my new youtube channel - so you wont miss any upload! 


For pilots:

  • Why do I need to readback certain things? When is it possible to deviate from an ATC clearence? What are the seperation minimums?

And controllers:

  • 2000 FPM vertical rate at speed 250 knots, why did the A321-crew report unable?  What is the speed profile of a Cessna Citation on final?